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Our Story

Our Story

Sathorn Road has become a major transportation link between Phra Nakhon and Thonburi sides of Bangkok. It is now a home to important business sectors and leading entertainment venues. Its history began back in the Reign of King Rama V when ‘Chai Sua Yom', a former owner of The House on Sathorn and wealthy Chinese businessman engineered the digging of Sathorn Canal to help improve the transportation inside the city. Originally, this big canal was called ‘Klong Chai Sua Yom' connecting Chao Phraya River to Wat Hua Lamphong Canal. ‘Chai Sua Yom' was later granted the name ‘Luang Sathon Rajayukta' by King Rama V for his accomplishment and therefore, the canal and the road are now called after his name, ‘Sathorn'.
  • 1888
    Yom Bisalayaputr, the former owner of the building, bought up land in the Silom area. Later, he started to build the canal and roads and then sold the land to others. From his accomplishments in the community, he was granted the title ‘Luang Sathorn Rajayutka' by King Rama V.
  • 1889
    It is assumed that Luang Sathorn Rajayutka constructed the building on this land in this year.
  • 1895
    Luang Sathorn Rajayutka passed away with Cholera at the age of 38.
  • 1896
    The ownership of the building and the land were passed on to his eldest daughter, Cham. Later, Cham got married with a Hainanese man, Luang Chitrchumnongvanich (Thomya Rongavanit), who then took charge of all Luang Sathorn Rajayutka's businesses.
  • 1916
    Luang Chitrchumnongvanich sold this building and the land to the King's private holding and moved out from the building.
  • 1925
    The building was given to Chaophraya Ramrakhop by King Rama VI.
  • 1926
    Chaophraya Ramrakhop sold the land with the building to the King's private holding. After that, the building was lent to an Italian lady, Madame A. Staro and became "Hotel Royal".
  • 1948
    From 1948 - 1999, The building was leased to the Soviet Union as the first Russian Embassy in Thailand.
  • 2001
    The Department of Fine Arts issued an official statement announcing the mansion as a registered national archeological site.
  • 2003
    The building is leased to North Sathorn Hotel Co., Ltd (W Bangkok). The company started to renovate the building along with consultation from the Department of Fine Arts. In 2015, The House on Sathorn was launched as part of W Bangkok.
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